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I really do appreciate the thoughtful comments about increasing girth and purchasing boots that spammers add to the comic discussions. Because that's exactly what we come to ASOC to see, after all. However, I thought it would be best to add spam filters to the registration and comment fields of the site regardless. If you're finding your comments getting deleted, just say so here.

Job is going great and so is school. So great, in fact, that I've had 0% time to work on kitties. That's why the latest comic isn't up yet. I've been doodling cats on the bus, though; expect to see some of those on Tumblr soon!

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Social Media!

See the pretty little addition to the right sidebar? Now you can find ASOC goodies in more places! There isn't much there, at the moment... but hopefully that'll change.

Also, I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB. FINALLY. Part of my ninja-ing had to do with the fact that I was job hunting like a boss so that I could pay rent without having to beg off friends and family. So, until further notice, ASOC is going on a once-a-week schedule until everything has settled down. I don't want to promise bi-weekly updates until I'm sure that my schedule will accommodate them. But in the meantime, you'll hopefully be seeing lots of little extras and doodles here and there. Check out Tumblr for an itty bitty mini-comic regarding everyone's favorite itty bitty ponies!

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ASOC's back on Monday!

Hello, guys. It seems that I managed to ninja so well that I ninja'd right off the edge of the earth. I'm truly sorry for leaving you guys in the dark for these weeks. You don't deserve that at all. Your continued support despite my flakiness means a lot to me and I hope ASOC can continue to make you laugh.

Speaking of ASOC, we're gonna be getting back to our normal cat-filled schedule this upcoming Monday! I can't give you anything right now, except for a sneak peek at the design process of a brand new kitty who'll be making a debut soon. Geist and I had a ball pinning down his markings. We started out with, "Well, we haven't done yellow or gray yet!" and came up with this group of test drawings. Then we decided we liked the look of white splotches on cream, and moved on to another set of test markings. We finally settled on a combo of bottom left and bottom right. We hope you'll like him as much as we do; his personality is as wacky as his markings!

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Bad news, ASOC fans

I have some bad news...

I'm afraid that ASOC is going to be on a hiatus for an unknown amount of time; It might only be a week or so, but could be more. The reason for this is because our beloved artist, Dankesque, has mysteriously vanished; Geisteskranken hasn't been able to contact her the whole weekend, and contact before that was a bit sporadic. He assumes that this is because Danke is VERY busy with her university studies, and as I'm sure some of you college/uni fans out there know, education can be very time-consuming, not to mention stressful. Hopefully, she shall return soon and we can get back to entertaining you and providing you with wonderful kitties to laugh at enjoy and have a good laugh with.

Don't fret! We'll be back, I promise you. :3

Servercat's picture

And we're Back!!

ASOC is back and in full force! C:
After a short hiatus, we're ready to get on track and back to our regular schedule. We missed you dearly, and can't wait to see your comments again.
Thank you for sticking around and enjoying ASOC. :3 It means a lot to us!