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Tumblr - Doodles, scrapped comics, and stuff too silly for offishul news.

Twitter - For those who like their updates anywhere, any time.

DeviantART - Pretty shiny pictures for you to favorite.


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Dankesque's picture

See the pretty little addition to the right sidebar? Now you can find ASOC goodies in more places! There isn't much there, at the moment... but hopefully that'll change.

Also, I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB. FINALLY. Part of my ninja-ing had to do with the fact that I was job hunting like a boss so that I could pay rent without having to beg off friends and family. So, until further notice, ASOC is going on a once-a-week schedule until everything has settled down. I don't want to promise bi-weekly updates until I'm sure that my schedule will accommodate them. But in the meantime, you'll hopefully be seeing lots of little extras and doodles here and there. Check out Tumblr for an itty bitty mini-comic regarding everyone's favorite itty bitty ponies!


Silvolf's picture

Hehehe I enjoyed reading the itty bitty mini comic! :D I thought it would be a cutesy kiddies show but I gave it a chance and then got hooked.

jkcook's picture

Must have awfully subversive stuff there! All three sites are blocked! :-)

Dankesque's picture

They're all veritable landmines of social media and fun stuff. Gotta watch out for those subversive cat pictures.