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Dankesque's picture

I really do appreciate the thoughtful comments about increasing girth and purchasing boots that spammers add to the comic discussions. Because that's exactly what we come to ASOC to see, after all. However, I thought it would be best to add spam filters to the registration and comment fields of the site regardless. If you're finding your comments getting deleted, just say so here.

Job is going great and so is school. So great, in fact, that I've had 0% time to work on kitties. That's why the latest comic isn't up yet. I've been doodling cats on the bus, though; expect to see some of those on Tumblr soon!


helliefant's picture

Happy to hear the job and school are going well...They are important. However....we miss the comics and are disappointed when there are no updates :(
Are we going to see more?

Garrett Williams's picture

When I saw the subject and no body text in the rss feed, I seriously wondered if I wanted to click the link. Another comic that I used to read had their domain bought by some company after they didn't update for a few years & their rss feed was suddenly filled with rather gross things. I figured the same thing might have happened here, although more likely to be a hacking, since the site's still active.

jkcook's picture

My students come in everyday asking if there's an update. Hope there can be one soon without impinging on school and work too heavily.

Ohai's picture

miss them very much
still longing for ordered prints
patience patience - meh


That Person you don't know.'s picture

I feel your pain xD think they all died? or worst... they are outside instead of being on the computer :(

peworlds's picture

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That Person you don't know.'s picture

ever since you went to school there no more comments.
You all made this over the summer for fun eh? :D now too busy..

So like next summer or something going be a new strip? :p

Eoin Dubh's picture

My cats are waiting for the next strip. They really like Felinux.

HollenHeist's picture

This is HollenHeist from FA, PLEASE log onto FA and refund me for that commission that is now years old. I want a refund within a set time frame and clear correspondence instead of me needing to register to new sites just to track you down not once but TWICE. I am insanely disappointed and frustrated with this and I just want my money back and to see that you care and are taking this seriously.

hkplayer's picture

Are you 100% sure it was them and not somebody pretending to be them and possibly scamming you out of money?

Shadowflare86's picture

I really hope you guys will be back with more updates soon.